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On Friday, Doc Nelson made history by becoming the very 1st player to announce his college selection LIVE on a Houston based Radio Station.  “The Chop Shop” was the scene of a well scripted, heart grabbing experience for which tears were flying all over the place.  Nelson had previously narrowed his list of suitors to only 5 schools.  He insisted that the listeners get a chance to hear him actually commit to Weber State live over the airwaves.  As his voice cracked a bit, Nelson did his best to remain calm while as head coach Randy Rahe appeared to answer the phone call on the very first ring.  “Coach, how are you?” asked Nelson.  “I want to thank you for recruiting me, ......and want to let you know that I am committing to Weber State.”  The phone lines remained lit up throughout the entire ordeal as family and friends called in to express their joy for the talented floor general.  

Being in the room to share that moment with Nelson and his family was indeed a pleasure.  He was articulate, well mannered, and remarkably unselfish – just as any point guard should be.  Obviously the weight has been lifted off the shoulders of Doc Nelson, and he no longer have to worry about finding the biggest college opportunity to take his talents.  Instead, he appears to have found the best fit for him and that’s what matters most.  Congrats to Nelson and thanks for sharing that moment with all of us.  Dang… now I need some doggone tissue...