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Thursday, 30 September 2010 18:39
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The summer is the best time for improving weaknesses and increasing your skills. Peak athletes work out all summer to gain strength, increase their quickness, and boost their verticals in preparation for the upcoming season.

However, most often, these same athletes abandon the workout routines they did during the summer and throughout the long season lose the edge and improvement they have made.

To maintain and build upon the summer’s effort, effective and consistent maintenance must be done throughout the year. Two to three days of weight training a week will keep them in top form to have that explosiveness and quickness when they need it. Contrary to popular belief, lifting during the season will not “mess up” a player’s shot. Although more shooting practice is needed to adjust to the new strength, weight lifting actually increases shooting range and accuracy.

Most importantly, it will help preserve the foundation they have built so that they can continue to build upon that success for summers to come. This will help them obtain the success they envisioned during their long hours of sacrifice. This, in combination with proper rest and a healthy diet will ensure players have the stamina to finish off the season strong.




WEIGHT ROOM (2-3 times a week)*
* Recommended schedule. You should make sure one of these workouts is on a non-practice day and never on a game day. Space workouts apart at least 2 days. Home workouts follow the same format.

Upper Body Sets Reps
Bench 4 12, 8, 6, 4
Incline 3 10, 8, 6
Triceps 2 12, 10, 8
Forearm curl 3 15, 12, 10
Crunches 4 30
Lower Body Sets Reps
Leg Ext. 4 15, 10, 8, 6
Leg Curls 3 15, 10, 8, 6
Squat/Incline Press 3 12, 10, 8
Calf Raises 3 15, 12, 10


Upper Body Sets Reps
Push-Ups* 8 20-25
Triceps ** 4 20-25
Crunches 4 30-35


* Make sure 4 of these sets are done with an inside grip and 4 with an outside grip.

** Triceps can be done at home leaning on the edge of your bed, or couch.

Lower Body Sets Reps
Lunges 8 15
Calf Raises* 4 30
Crunches 4 30-35



*Do calf raises leaning against the wall and one leg at a time.





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